Reports from “Neighbourhoods – public spaces for everybody”, October 2022

Neighbourhoods – public spaces for everybody was the Habitat Norway event in Oslo as part of Urban October 2022.

The event was organised in partnership with the Oslo Architecture Triennale 2022 at ‘Gamle Munch’ and involved 15 presenters and panelists as part of the UN Habitat 40 days challenge for Safer Cites. The event was sponsored by Oslo City Municipality, the Norwegian housing and urban planning association and the District of Gamle Oslo.

The following reports gather insights from the event; available in both Norwegian and English.

The whole event was recorded and is available online on YouTube: OAT 2022: Neighbourhoods – public space for everybody.

The event was conducted in English with the exception of the panel discussion which was in

Habitat Norway thanks all those who made the event possible, and those who contributed their
knowledge and participated in the event.

Event organisers: Ellen de Vibe, Erik Berg, Laura Marano, Eva B. Storrusten, Milla Skjeklesæter, Vendula Hurnikova og Kjersti Grut.

Reports by: Kjersti Grut and Laura Marano