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Habitat Norway is a Norwegian non-governmental organization, established in 1988, with the overall aim to promote the interest and awareness of global urban challenges and settlement issues.

Today more than half of the world’s population lives in cities, and daily more and more people move from rural to urban areas. The rapid urbanization is most evident in cities in the global South, and informal settlements and poor urban areas grow the most. In these areas, as well as in cities in general, the urban population faces increasingly more complex challenges when it comes to secure adequate housing, tenure, proper infrastructure, sufficient public transport and securing the rights of those living in marginalized city areas access to public services. In order to give proper and timely response to challenges facing urban settlements, Habitat Norway believe response must be founded in interdisciplinary understanding and knowledge sharing. Our aim is to lift contemporary urban challenges to a higher level of awareness and increased political focus. Habitat Norway therefore strives to be a central actor and platform for promoting and sharing up to date information about international urban tendencies, as well as share good examples of initiatives that target urban challenges and promote sustainable and environmentally good solutions.

Habitat Norway’s work is conducted with voluntary work, mainly by the board. The board consists of professionals from different academic fields, with a high level of competence on city and settlement issues through academic work and professional experience.

See the board of Habitat Norway.

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