Workshop Report: Land and Property Rights for Sustainable Development

On 30 January 2020 the Global Land Tool Network (GLTN) in partnership with the United Nations Human Settlement Programme (UN Habitat), the Norwegian Mapping Authority (NMA) and Habitat Norway (HN) organized a workshop on “Land and Property Rights for Sustainable Development”. The event marked the global partnership entry into the “SDG Action Decade towards 2030”. It was also the first activity organized under the new agreement of co-operation between the NMA and HN.
The workshop highlighted practical cases and approaches to address emerging challenges in the land eco-system (conflict, displacement, climate change). With the purpose to ensure tenure security for all within the framework of the SDGs from technologically advanced information systems to concrete experiences and practices in the field. GLTN’s Steering Committee members, representatives of Norwegian academia, development agencies and civil societies held presentations at the workshop. Their contributions are now available in the workshop report.
Read or download the report below.